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Education - Educación, Formación en Prospectiva
Environment - Medioambiente y sostenibilidad
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Futures Research - Prospectiva

Australian Foresight Institute (Australia)
Prospectiva en Innobasque (Basque Country)
Centre Catalá de Prospectiva (Catalunya)
Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Denmark)
Estonian Institute for Futures Studies (Estonia)
Finnish Society for Futures Studies (Finland)

Foundation for the Future (USA)
Foren Network, Foresight for Regional Development

Forward Studies Unit, the European Commission (Belgium)

Forecasting Principles (USA)
Futur (Germany)
FuturAct (France)
Futures Forum (USA)
Futures Studies Mannermaa Ltd. (Finland)
Futuribles (France)
Global Future Forum (UK)

Global Futures Foundation (USA)

Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies (USA)
Horizon (USA)
Hungarian Futures Studies (Hungary)
Institute for Alternative Futures (USA)
Institute of Future Studies for Development (Thailand)
Institutet för Framtidsstudier (Sweden)
Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (USA)

Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, IZT (Germany)
Institute for the Future (USA)
Kairos Future (Sweden, Norway)
Laboratory for Investigation in Prospective and Strategy (France)
Millennium Institute (USA)
Millennium Project (USA)
Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (The Netherlands)
OECD International Futures Programme
Rand Europe (The Netherlands)

Shaping Tomorrow (UK)
Strategic Futures International (Washington, London)
Strategic Management Society (USA)
The Webportal of Information and Thinking on 21st-Century Europe
UK Foresight Programme (UK)
Vision Center for Futures Creation (Sweden)
World Future Society (USA)
World Futures Studies Federation WFSF (USA - Australia)
Z-punkt Büro für Zukunftsgestaltung GmbH (Germany)

Foresight - Prospectiva

USGSB Centre For Scenario Planning and Future Studies
Cost:European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical research
The Australian Foresight Institute
IBM -The Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity
Prospective Foresight Network (France)

EuroProspective (France)

Education - Educación, Formación en Prospectiva

Educational Network of Futures Studies (Spain)
Finland Futures Academy (Finland)
Futures Research Methodology (CD-ROM)
Foresight and Futures Studies (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)
FutureWeb (Univ. of Houston, Institute of Futures Research, USA)
Creating Preferred Futures (USA)
Master of Strategic Foresight - Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia)

Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico)
Opetusteknologiakeskus (Finland)
Suomen Virtuaaliyliopisto - Finland's Virtual University (Finland)
Strategic Futures Project (The Cabinet Office, UK)
WebCT - The e-Learning Hub (USA)

Environment - Medioambiente, Sostenibilidad

Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF)
The Environmental Strategies Research Group (Sweden)
European DataBank Sustainable Development (Germany)
Future Generations (USA)

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre
Global Climate Change Information Programme, GCCIP (UK)

Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) (USA)
International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, IGBP (Sweden)

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

International Energy Agency
Institute for Sustainable Futures (Australia)

Network University of the Green World (Japan)

Resources for the Future (USA)
Stockholm Environmental Institute (Sweden)

Sustainable Development - Finland's indicators for sustainable development (Finland)
Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) (Austria)
UK Global Environmental Change Programme (UK)

United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Germany)

U.S. Global Change Research Program (USA)
World Climate Research Programme, WCRP

World Energy Council (UK)
Worldwatch Institute (USA)

Statistics - Estadística


European Environment Agency
International Labour Organization, ILO
ILO Databases

OECD Statistics
Population Reference Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Population Division
World Resources Institute
World Bank - World Development Indicators Book

Technology - Tecnología

European Forecasting Group for the Construction Sector
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (Spain)
PREST - Policy Research in Engineering Science & Technology (UK)
Strategic Business Management (USA)

Strategic Futures International, Links
Technology Futures Inc. (USA)
Turku Technology Center (Finland)

Journals and Books - Revistas y libros

Article Allert (USA)
Climate Policy
Foresight (UK)

FUTURA (Finland)
Futurecasts online magazine (USA)
Future Times (USA)

Future Survey (USA)
Futures (the Netherlands)
Futures Magazine Online (USA)
Futures Research Quarterly (USA)
Futuribles (France)
Futurist (USA)
Framtider (Sweden)
Global Change Electronic Edition (USA)
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

Journal of Futures Studies (Taiwan)
Journal of World-Systems Research (USA)
Long Range Planning (USA)
On the Horizon (USA)
Papers de Prospectiva (Spain)
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Technology Source (USA)
World Futures (USA)

Others - Otros

21st - Your Portal to the Future (UK)
Abonis - Information Society Centre, Turku (Finland)
Anticipation in Finland (Finland)
Club of Rome (Germany)
Committee for the Future (Finland)
Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (Finland)
Directory of Futures Consultants

eFinland - Technology Serving People (Finland)
Finnish Association for the Club of Rome (Finland)

FSD - Finnish Social Science Data Archive (Finland)
International Centre of Integrative Studies, ICIS (the Netherlands)
International Insitute for Applied Systems Analysis IIASA (Austria)

Labor Institute for Economic Research (Finland)
Nordic Forecasts (Denmark)
Pellervo Economic Research Institute (Finland)

Pirkanmaan ennakointipalvelu -hanke
Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Research Unit for Urban and Regional Dev. Studies, SENTE (Finland)
Santa Fe Institute (USA)
Social Technologies (USA)
TE-keskusennakointi (Finland)

Tietoyhteiskunta (Tilastokeskus)

United Nations
United Nations University (Japan)
World Bank (USA)

La mayor parte de los enlaces han sido tomados de la Facultad finlandesa: The Turku School of Economics and Business Administration y su Futures Studies .